13.- 16.2.2021 Denmark

The eurythmy initiative FLOW & U celebrates its 7th anniversary!

Wird im Sommer 2021 stattfinden! 

You are invited to four eventful days with presentations to listen to,
workshops to participate in and performances to watch.

Three students present their theses and research projects:

Eurythmy on the Global Stage
Interconnections between eurythmy and Indian temple dance. Stine Puri
Being Becoming Belonging
Eurythmy as a way of self-becoming and social inclusion. Polina Rasmussen
Cosmic Garden
Eurythmy as a modern blessing to GAIA. Lisa Sofia Larson

Every evening these 3 students will show excerpts from their
graduation artistic program:

W H E N –

During the days you are invited to take part of courses and talks on:
Eurythmy as a modern sacral dance, Eurythmy as a modern social method,
Eurythmy as a modern blessing to nature & Eurythmy as a contemporary research field.